Riga center - 5 minutes
Skanste/Quiet center - 3 minutes
Video surveillance
KEEPP self-storages are available
24 hours a day


from 35 €

KEEPP offers both short-term and long-term storage facilities. It is possible to store household items and furniture, archives, bicycles and other active recreation equipment.
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from 35 €

KEEPP offers both short-term and long-term storage of different motorized vehicles that fit the storage sizes. There are 4 different size storage boxes available.
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from 40 €

KEEPP offers cargo transport services. We work both in Riga and outside Riga territory. Starting from 40€ per ride, but the price depends on the individual demand.


How can you rent a KEEPP storage?
- Fill in the application form here and we will contact you.
- We will show you available storages.
- We will sign a contract on the use of storages.
- We will give you set of 2 keys.
- We will start successful cooperation!
What is forbidden to be stored in KEEPP storages?
- Radioactive materials
- Flammable and dangerous items
- Toxic, poisonous, air polluting substances
- Explosives, firearms, ammunition
- Substances prohibited in the territory of Latvia by the law.
What documents are necessary to sign a contract with KEEPP storage facility?
For physical persons – personal identification document – passport or personal ID in reference to Article 1 of Section 4 of the law of the Republic of Latvia “Personal Identification Documents Law”. For legal entities – company details and valid power of attorney for signing of the contract.
How long it is possible to store things in our storage?
Minimum storage term is 1 month. Things can be stored for undefined period of time – we will consider extended storage period individually with agreement on more favorable payment terms.
Where is the KEEPP storage facilities located?
KEEPP storage facilities are located in Ganību dambis 19, Riga. 5 minutes from Riga center, 3 minutes from Skanste district and Quiet center.
How often can things be brought to or taken from KEEPP storage facility?
Things can be delivered and taken any time of the day. The territory is available 24 hours a day every day.
How can things be delivered to KEEPP storage facility?
- KEEPP offers transporting services and for additional charge we will deliver your things from the address of your choice to the KEEPP storage facility.
- You can drive up to each storage box in the territory and deliver your things with your private vehicle.
Can another person place/take things from the storage box?
KEEPP will give you 2 sets of keys for your storage box. If you have given one of the key sets to another person, then things can be both placed and taken from the storage box at your responsibility. KEEPP storage facilities are accessible 24 hours a day in a secured territory.
Is there video surveillance available?
The territory is secured by installed video surveillance cameras.


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