Project description

KEEPP company is crowdfunding on Fintelum issuance platform.

KEEPP business aims to develop a market-proven network of short-term and long-term self-service storage facilities for a wide range of clients – both individuals and companies. In the first phase, the project will be expanded across Riga, Latvia. In the next phase, KEEPP targets the Lithuanian and Estonian markets, thus ensuring a full coverage in all three Baltic States.

  • KEEPP was created by combining the experience and investment of two Latvian companies SIA KnK Mefab and SIA PP Property. This combination of entrepreneurial experience in metalworking, real-estate management and time and money investment into testing new business segment, together with current market trends, is at the core of the KEEPP project.
  • KEEPP aims to create self-service storage solutions that are affordable and easy-to-use. By combining accessibility and simplicity, KEEPP has created a valuable service that over time will become an integral part of people's daily lives – an easily accessible and affordable storage facilities where people can safely store their personal belongings.

The concept of KEEPP services from 2018 until the establishment of KEEPP AS was tested in the Latvian market under the name CityBox (citybox.lv). In order to ensure the growth of the company, the company's trademark was changed, and a new commercial company KEEPP AS was created. The existing investments, clients, cash flows, as well as the experience accumulated by the team were transferred into the company’s capital.


B Class share,
token on the Ethereum blockchain
Expected annual dividend
yield: ~15%
Amount of investment sought
min: EUR 350,000 max: EUR 850,000

Type of investment: Purchase of KEEPP Class B shares, represented by a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain
Share type:Class B share-token (equity-token)
Token moniker: KEP
Jurisdiction: Republic of Latvia
Investment currency: EUR
Accepted currencies for payments: EUR, BTC, ETH
Price per share: 2.50 EUR, which consists of a nominal value of EUR 1.00 and a markup of EUR 1.50
Minimum investment from one investor: 50 EUR (or equivalent in another currency)
Maximum investment from one investor: 100,000 EUR (or equivalent in another currency)
Minimum amount of investment sought: EUR 350,000
Maximum amount of investment sought: 850,000 EUR
Float ratio: 50% for EUR 850,000 investment
KEEPP Class B shares are offered in accordance with the Commercial Law and Article 3(16) and Article 16.1 of the Financial Instruments Market Law, therefore the Company is not subject to the obligation to prepare and submit for approval a prospectus or simplified offer document to the Financial and Capital Markets Commission of Latvia.

Persons who invest at least EUR 1,000 will qualify to receive a 20% discount, available upon request on all keepp.lv services for 12 months. This bonus will be applied to each individual or company from the moment the product is available from the second half of 2021.


350k Investīciju attīstības plāns 850k Investīciju attīstības plāns

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment process?
Individuals and legal entities can buy KEEPP Class B shares at the time when the public offer is announced on the Company’s website keepp.lv and on the fintelum.com website and platform. The investment process consists of getting acquainted with the information material, such as the present offering document; the KYC/AML process; and paying in capital according to the share purchase invoice. The invoice is generated at the end of the application process. All technical and compliance processes are provided with the help of the fintelum.com platform – either directly from the keepp.lv project website as an iframe, or from the fintelum.com website and is available to all registered Fintelum users. The payment procedure depends on the selected payment currency. For EUR, the investor uses their internet bank, making a transfer in EUR. For BTC or ETH, the investor uses their cryptocurrency wallet or exchange account and perform an external blockchain payment in the respective currency. The investment in cryptocurrencies is accepted and converted into EUR units, in order to ensure the requirement of Latvian law.
I am not a professional investor, but I have savings, can I invest?
Yes, any individual with certain restrictions, see Rules, has the right to get acquainted with KEEPP public offering and decide on the amount to be invested. It is important for everyone to read all available materials and be aware of the potential risks, as well as to use only freely available funds that are not related to debt commitments or other encumbrances.
What are the advantages of investing in this type of project?
By investing in shares of an active business company in the form of crowdfunding, investors have the opportunity to participate in the development of the property storage business in Latvia and the Baltics, as well as later in Europe. Besides, in order to attract additional interest in the particular business, persons who invest at least EUR 1,000 (one thousand) will be eligible to a 20% discount on all keepp.lv services for 12 (twelve) calendar months.
What are the main risks and advantages of investing in a company's shares?
When investing in a company’s shares, the biggest advantage is the opportunity to participate in the company’s growth with the right to dividends. Unlike investing in debt securities, which are based on a more or less fixed interest rate, investing in shares does not provide a fixed return. However, it offers an opportunity to get higher or lower expected dividends depending on the development of the company.
What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount is EUR 50 (fifty euro), the maximum investment amount is EUR 100,000 (one hundred thousand euro). The minimum investment amount in order to qualify for 20% discount on keepp.lv services for twelve months is EUR 1,000 (one thousand euro).
What currencies is it possible to invest in?
Euro (EUR), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH).
What are the competitors of KEEPP, and what distinguishes KEEPP from them?
On the Latvian market, the biggest competitors are BOX Noliktavas, Self Storage, and a few other smaller players. Self Storage offers an indoor storage solution in the Krasta Street area. The information available suggests that they are close to 100% of their storage capacity. The biggest disadvantage of this service provider is the high lease price, and the inconvenient location of their storage facilities. BOX Noliktavas is the oldest small storage provider in Latvia, having facilities in a number of locations in Riga. What distinguishes it is the fact that BOX Noliktavas was the first on the Latvian market, and now enjoys best visibility here. KEEPP has studied the development of the market over the last two years, and has assessed the strengths of its offer compared to that of its competitors. The first one is the price: the pricing policy offered by KEEPP is much more accessible and affordable to the average person in Latvia. Second, KEEPP’s self-service storage facilities are available 24 hours a day, and will be set up in areas where people tend to gather, making it easier to access storage. Third, the storage units will be designed paying attention to details and ergonomics, taking advantage of KEEPP team having much experience in metalworking, and two years of storage market research.
What is a KEEPP customer profile? Who is the main consumer KEEPP is targeting?
Profiles of KEEPP potential customers are very different, they are representatives of different age groups, representatives of different interests, however we can predict which will be a group of people who will use KEEPP service most actively. We anticipate that KEEPP main customer will be families. For example, a family with 1 to 2 children living in an apartment in Riga apartment building. A family with an active lifestyle and a moderate monthly income.
Whether location of KEEPP warehouses should be agreed with the municipality/building authority. Is there a risk that it is too long, expensive or impossible, and respectively would interfere with the planned development plans? What are the bureaucratic obstacles in the next countries where it is planned to develop KEEPP?
KEEPP must observe the Government Regulation No. 529 of 02.09.2014 – Building construction regulations. Identifying possible scenarios, we anticipate that the coordination of each warehouse point with the relevant institution will take up to 6 weeks. In Estonia and Lithuania – 2 to 4 weeks.
How will KEEPP attract the target audience?
In order for the residents to be able to express their opinion, the establishment of neighbourhood associations is becoming more popular. Associations represent the interests of local people and address various neighbourhood issues. KEEPP plans to carry out marketing activities by visiting neighbourhood associations and to promote the services provided by KEEPP within them. Then place outdoor advertisements in the elevators, stairwells and corridors of apartment buildings, as well as participate in industry exhibitions.
Are garages and similar warehouses considered direct or indirect competitors?
As mentioned in the SWOT analysis, garages and similar warehouses are considered indirect competitors. This is indirect competition, since this is an already existing option. It is chosen by people who have access to this type of garage (new garages are built rarely), and their use does not require too much effort or time.
What are the advantages for the investors in this campaign, compared to the future campaigns?
When you invest in the shares of a company, the risk and the reward grow exponentially over time. The expected returns depend on the time when the investor becomes a shareholder. The earlier you invest, the more you get from the shares as dividends. Furthermore, the mark-up on shares relative to the expected returns is lower for the initial investors. Each subsequent round of investments is expected to involve a higher mark-up, thus reducing the net returns. Also, compared to newcomers wishing to become shareholders, current investors will have an advantage in joining future funding campaigns.
Why invest in Latvia?
Founded in 1918, Latvia regained its independence in 1990, becoming an EU member state in 2004, and joining the Eurozone in 2014. Latvia is a member of NATO, UN and OECD with a population of 1.9 million. Latvia is home to many well-educated specialists in various fields. Although its market is not big, it can meet local demands, and offer a broad range of exportable products and services. Latvia’s gross domestic product grows 2 to 4% every year (pre-COVID-19), which is a sign of stable, growth-oriented economy. Latvia has a productive start-up environment where innovative ideas can successfully develop. Thanks to the relatively low workforce and overhead costs, ideas and products developed in Latvia can be successfully exported to neighbouring countries within 3 to 5 years. In terms of tax competitiveness, Latvia is third best among OECD countries. Businesses are only subject to a 20% corporate tax (effective rate 25%), only payable when distributing the dividends.
What happens if the minimum amount is not collected?
If however, the minimum amount of EUR 350,000 is not attained within 4-6 months, the invested funds are returned to the investors with the lowest possible expenses in the process of transaction (EUR, BTC, ETH transfer fees).
When is the first dividend planned?
Pursuant to the Shareholders' Agreement, the holders of Keepp Class A shares are obliged to pay out at least 50% of the Company's profit to all holders of Keepp Class A and B shares after each reporting year. If Keepp has made a profit for two consecutive financial years, but Class A shareholders have decided not to pay it and to re-invest 100% profits into the development of Keepp, Class B shareholders will acquire full voting rights in proportion to the number of shares held until all dividends withheld from previous years are paid. When dividends are paid, the holders of Class B shares receive them before the other shareholders. Dividends are paid to the bank account specified by each shareholder. Depending on the Investor's country of residence, Keepp may withhold the taxes provided for in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia before paying dividends.